App Design

In this introductory course, students will learn how to create their very own smartphone apps.  The applications which students create will run on any Android device.  Students receive instruction on developing an application by designing a user interface and then coding its functionality.  They learn to complete their app by testing it thoroughly and then preparing it to be installed onto a device.  Students are encouraged to be creative in their designs and leave their own personal imprint on the apps they create.

Students in the App Design course use a web-based tool created at MIT to create a variety of fun and exciting apps.  The projects are designed to give students progressively greater skills and confidence.


 Here is a list of some of the applications students will create in the App Design course:

  • Magic 8-Ball – Ask the app a question and it will speak a response.
  • Paint Pot – Draw on a photo you take with the camera or a blank canvas.  App also allows user to change color and size of the pen.
  • Talking Clock – Create an app which using voice recognition to assist people with disabilities.  Ask the phone the time or date and it tells you.
  • Whac-A-Mole – An application for the classic arcade game complete with sound effects and scoring.
  • Martian Attack – Save the earth with this space invader inspired game which features tons of sound effects, graphics, and scoring.



The Paint Pot application is one of the projects students will create.

The applications made in the course will run on any Android device.  While creating their apps, students are able to connect a smartphone to the app designer tool and see their changes in real-time as well as conduct testing.  Once a student completes their application, they will be taught how to prepare it for installation on a smartphone.  While students are free to bring in their own Android devices, it is not a requirement for taking the course.  The NH Coding Academy has Android smartphones for participants to use during the course.

App Design

Grades 4-8

Prerequisites: None

Experience Level:  Beginner


We provide all the required technology including Android smartphones.


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